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The satisfaction of our customers is of the utmost importance to us here at Harold & Hawkins. We promise to provide you with the best customer care before, during and after your purchase with us. Our customer care is displayed below and is as follows:
This policy is applies to all parties at Harold & Hawkins and it's customers. Harold & Hawkins is responsible for providing high quality customer service to buyers at all times throughout the purchasing process. 
All members of our team are committed to providing all individuals with the highest quality of customer care throughout the purchasing process (Customer Rights Act 2015). We insure that every decision made throughout the purchasing process is beneficial towards the company and the buyer simultaneously.
All inquirers and customers can access our telephone lines through + 44 (0) 20 8306 7854 (during company opening hours) and +44 (0) 7411 966 704 (after hours, weekends and holidays). For customers, you can send your queries to and for businesses/wholesalers, you can email us at 
If you're not happy with your purchase, you are entitled to exchanges, returns or refunds within 14 days of the purchase period (click to view T & Cs). We promise to provide the best level of attention and care for your requirements at all times within these situations.
Furthermore, Harold & Hawkins are committed to providing the same level of opportunities for all buyers who have disabilities and enabling them the same level of access to our products as the rest of our customers.

Harold & Hawkins will communicate with customers in ways which would take into account their disabilities. We will train staff who communicate with customers on different ways to communicate with customers who have various types of disabilities.

We at Harold & Hawkins are committed to providing fully accessible telephone services for our customers. Our staff will communicate with customers over the telephone in a plain and concise manner and speak to our inquirers in a clear and slow manner.

Should they be unable to communicate with us over the telephone, we will offer to communicate with all customers through email or post regarding their queries.