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HAROLD HAWKINS LONDON LTD® is a fairtrade e-Commerce organisation exclusive to providing customers the best purely designed products from our manufacturers. With over a decade of experience in E-Commerce, our founder is solely focused on innovation with Quality to display their refined products and show their quality workmanship on our global platform.

Harold Hawkins London will bring the beauty in traditional handcrafting techniques with contemporary design to your home. We have our best and unique designs with the traditional Votives, Jewellery & Jewellery Boxes, Dining wares, Kitchenware's, Door knobs & Hooks, Hair Scrunchies ...etc...

Also we are Apple MFi Certified BRAND OWNERS with exclusive certification from apple to sell apple products officially.

And we will provide you the purest aloe vera gel you will ever have with no added preservatives. During Pandemic period we sold over 11 Tons of pure aloe vera helping people in an around uk and the globe in making their own pure sanitizer and home remedies in a short span of time which is an achievement for any seller.

Blending traditional handcrafting techniques with contemporary design in home and kitchen decor, we at HAROLD HAWKINS LONDON LTD aim to elevate the rural communities our artisans are based while also providing ethically sustainable products for our loyal customers. We are blessed enough to have created personal relationships with our artisans and their families and contribute a portion of our revenue to providing ethically safe and clean work spaces and materials for our artisans while they continue to help us create the highest quality products suitable for your tastes.


At HAROLD HAWKINS LONDON LTD, we believe that it's important to make sure that the products you choose should be durable and brighten your environment for years to come; so all of our products are 100% SUSTAINABLY MANUFACTUREDThe designs from our artisans narrate an exquisite story of their origins and are inspired by exotic Indian cultures and the signature styles of our in-house designers - a perfect composition of eastern and western patterns to match your personal style.

The team here at HAROLD HAWKINS LONDON LTD are consistently investing time and effort into curating our franchise for your pleasure. On a daily basis we are examining international trends and collaborating with our artisans throughout the manufacturing process of our stock, from the use of material to more precise details such as the colours being used and the designs being created. Materials used for our franchise are sourced ethically and handpicked regarding the durability, quality and simple attractiveness. Our products are 100% made of different variations of the following sources: mango wood, rose wood, iron, stainless steel, ceramic, marble and granite. Throughout the design and manufacturing process, our research and development team are working alongside our artisans and completing strict checks to maintain the quality and presentation of each product. Each product is then screened and tested for the level of usage after its' creation and [once approved] then packed and shipped to be delivered to our warehouses.