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How to choose a safe charging cable for your iphone ???

Posted on March 24 2021

      Choose your charging cables on three key criteria: Quality, Usefulness and Value for money. And of course it should be an MFI (made for iphone) certified one.

iphone charging cable/ lightning cable is an Eight pin connector that carries digital signals through it. An iphone cable can connect to your device on its both sides.

Pin 1 GND Ground
Pin 2 L0p Lane 0 positive
Pin 3 L0n Lane 0 negative
Pin 4 ID0 Identification/control 0
Pin 5 PWR Power (charger or battery)
Pin 6 L1n Lane 1 negative
Pin 7 L1p Lane 1 positive
Pin 8 ID1 Identification/control 1

 Don’t just look at the price,care about your device too...

by using cheap cables from the market may leads to overheating and many other issues to your device. Harold Hawkins has the best and genuine collections of apple iphone cables which has MFI certification.

This Genuine iPhone charging cable  supports fast charging while preventing overheating and overcharging, guarantee that you and your iphone is safe.